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My HAM Shack!!!

My interest in "RADIO's" started when I was given an HF receiver when I was 8 or so and that is what sparked my interested in ham radio. Since then it was a walkie talkie in the 60's, next was the CB's in the 70.80's. In 1978, I attempted the Novice exam while I was stationed in Hawaii - missed the code test by one word. Decided to hang it up then and in Sep 2012, a friend of mine showed up to lunch with an HT. After he told me that code was no longer required - I went for it. Passed my first Technician exam 18 October 2012, General exam in 28 November 2012, and my Extra exam in 12 January 2013.

My call signs started out as follows: KK6AIO on 10/23/2012, KU0V on 3/19/2013, and W6JJ on 8/17/2018 which I will probably stick with for now. . . .

I use to be a member of Vista CERT - after my CERT training in Oceanside March 2016. I basically gave up with CERT since there's no leadership in the Vista CERT program(they couldnt answer a very simple question even after 20 days). So I decided to no longer waste my time since you can never get time back - lol . . . . .

I am a VOLUNTEER onboard the USS Midway CV-41 Museum in San DIego since Oct 2012, where we normally operate on the second Saturday of each month for a special event. Presently we have 4 ham positions, 20m/40m voice, 20m PSK32, and a VHF/UHF normally used on DStar, connecting to D10C, reflectors 001C, 014C, 030C, 035C are the main one, however we can pretty much go anywhere in the world. I am in the process of building an AllStar Node (51102) so that I can access the WINSYSTEM easier since there arent any good repeaters in our area. It was a very nice project and low cost when compared to IRLP - which might be worked on later - but not for now.

Equipment: HT's - AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus(bluetooth), Icom ID-31a, Icom ID-51a (3 anniversary models, green, blue, & red), Yaesu FT-1XD, Wouxun KG-UV3D (3), and recently picked up a TYT MD-430 FM/DMR ( again DMR is the VERY BEST DIGITAL VOICE MODE for VHF/UHF )

Mobiles - Icom IC-2820H, Icom ID-5100a (2 - eventually one in car and one in house)

HF - Yaesu FT-950 (still in the box since we moved - eventually set back up . . . )

Miscellaneous gear: Mirage BD-35(HT power amplifier), Samlex SEC 1235M Power Supplies(3 each), Diamond SX-200swr meter, Diamond SX-400swr meter

Antenna's - J-Pole mounted outside, Diamond X50 in house, Larson Mag mount (tweety), Diamond fold down on Sequoia

I presently have RTSystems software for the following: FT-1D, FT-2D, FT-60, FT-8800, FTM-100(to program Mark), IC2820, IC-T90, ID-31, ID-51, ID-51Plus, ID-51Plus2, ID-880(to program Jim - Thanks!), ID-5100, KG-UV8D(to program Mark), KG-UV123, TH-D74a, and UV-5R(to program Mark). My programming cables include the USB-29A, USB-63, USB-68, USB-K4Y, and USB-RTS05(2 each). I do not have cables for all the radio's, just most.

Programming ease with RTSystems software - number of steps normally required:

  • Baofeng - 3 steps
  • Icom - 4 steps
  • Kenwood - 3 steps
  • Wouxun - 3 steps
  • Yaesu - anywhere from 6 to 9 steps depending on model
  • Anytone programs in only 3 steps with the software downloaded for its use. RTSystsms does not make Sofware for DMR radio's . . .

    So as you can see from above and below - the most difficult HT/Mobile radio to program is YAESU - almost wants to make you do the "Hokey Pokey Polka" - lol . . . hold your left arm up - place your right foot forward - drop your jaw - click "OK" - lol . . . another bad thing about YAESU is that your Digital mode has to be only on band "A" and APRS only on band "B" - where on other radio's - it does not matter which band you are on . . . . so IMO - YAESU equipment sucks for VHF/UHF, but is ok on HF . . . .

    When it comes to DIGITAL Voice on VHF/UHF - the VERY BEST is DMR, Dstar, then C4FM. C4FM hits bottom because of its non-linking of repeaters which apparently only 5-10% of Yaesu repeater owners actually have linking capability (this is probably because so many bought the repeaters so cheap - and didnt want to spend any more, or they have extreme lack of knowledge . . . . lol . . . ).


  • ThumbDV - no radio required
  • DVMega on Raspberry Pi
  • DVMega on BlueStack board - known as the "BLUEDV"
  • DV4Mini
  • MMDVM with OLED screen
  • Zumspot(overpriced - better option would be the MMDVM with OLED screen for half the price)
  • So if you are in the market for an HT or a HOTSPOT - let me know - I can demo so you can select the best for your situation -

    W6JJ items for sale!!!

    First item for sale:

    DV4Mini - $70.00(price reduced)

    Description: Operates UHF DStar, DMR, C4FM, P25 - depending on which HT radio you have - this can plug into any USB port on Windows computer or Raspberry Pi if you have the proper image. Antenna pictured is slightly different that the one included.

    Second item for sale:

    BlueDV in 3d printed case - $150.00(price reduced)

    Description: Operates UHF DStar, DMR, C4FM - depending on which HT radio you have - this can plug into any USB port on any computer. This can also work with your android cell phone via bluetooth connectivity and the BlueDV app on your cell phone.

    Third item for sale:

    Icom IC-2820h - $300.00 (price reduced)

    Description: Operates 2m/70cm FM and DStar. I am the original owner and I also installed the UT-123 DStar/GPS circuit board. You can visit Icom's web site to check its full description.


    ID-51a Anniversary Edition - $300.00 - SOLD!!!

    AnyTone AT-D868UV w/GPS - $120.00 - SOLD!!!

    DV Dongle - $100 - SOLD!!!

    Kenwood TH-D74a - $450.00 - SOLD!!!

    My Democratic and Military website:

    DEMs - -DEMs and Military Appreciation website - ENJOY!!